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16 Best Bath Toy Storage Of 2023: Reviews & Buying Guides

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Bath time is the most crucial time for parents. Cause, kids usually dont like to bath. So, to make it fun and enjoyable bath toy is the most essential things to have in bathroom. in that case, if you have purchase an assortment of items for your Kids, make sure to pick up one of these organizers for neatly organizing everything. Keep the kids bathtime fun, cute, learning and suitable bath toy is the most interesting thing. Kids bath time can become chaotic if you have no place to store the wet toys that your child has use those on regular bath time. It takes no extra hassle rather it makes parents effort much easier, simpler and convenient. To keep lots of toys organized and off the tub floor best bath toy holder is the perfect solution. Some of these models stick to tile walls, while others come in freestanding or caddy designs. Best bath toy organizer always make sure it would dry properly so less yucky stuff grows on them. cause, kids does not want to play with a slimy icky bath toy. If you feel you might need a new way to store bath toys then this list of recommendation “best bath toy storage” would be interesting for you. We have recommended the best bath toy storage options to keep kids bath time neat, untroubled and well organized. The 16 best bath toy organizer on Amazon is listed here. Here, check out our list of best bath toy organizer and pick the one to help kids bath times run smoothly:

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Mesh Bath Toy Organizer by Comfylife Store (Top Pick)

2 x Mesh Bath Toy Organizer + 6 Ultra Strong Hooks – The Perfect Bathtub Toy Holder & Bathroom or Shower Caddy – These Multi-use Net Bags Make Baby Bath Toy Storage Easy – For Kids & Toddlers

If you are looking for cleaned out your entire bathroom after your kids bath time then this bath toy organizers would be the perfect one for you. This is one of the best bath toy storage brought to you by Comfylife Store at an affordable price. This multi-use bath toy organizer ensure that the toys are thoroughly dried out. These organizers are a much cleaner, more efficient option, & they can hold lots of toys. The hooks are very strong & go up easily. A great product for keeping bathroom clean and tidy. It comes with two options to hang on the wall. One is suction and a sticker hook. This mesh bag have been designed to dry out water so quickly, and being neat and organized. This is one of the best bath toy organizer according to our testing and research.


  • The bath organizer made of completely safe materials for kids.
  • The kids love this unit cause they can put and bring out their toys easily.
  • This best bath toy organizer features easy installation and its non-invasive.
  • The bath toy holder is large and can hold a lot of toys.
  • The mesh allows for great drainage.
  • These bags are a really great size and sturdiness for holding baby bath toys.
  • No mold or mildew, durable and well worth the price.

Munchkin bath toy storage

Munchkin Quack Bath Caddy

Are you looking for a fine quality storage caddy? then look no further. This Munchkin Quack Bath Caddy is right solution for you. This Munchkin bath toy organizer is made of non-phthalate Polyvinyl Chloride & Polypropylene considered as one of the best bath toy organizers that make bath time more enjoyable and encourage your kids to put away the toys onto it. It can be easily put on to the wall or bath tiles of bathroom with its heavy-duty suction cups. This best bathtub toy organizer is made out of sturdy plastic, with two adjustable divider panels, and is designed to span across the bathtub. The suction cups are strong enough. Its a great way to drain as well as organize the bath toys. According to our on field test, this is another best bath toy storage.


  • It holds a lot of toys and fits neatly & perfectly over the tub.
  • Cute, drains well, very convenient for storing toys.
  • Practical and effective bathroom toy storage.
  • The build quality is great, durable and sturdy.
  • Another great thing is the grips on the bottom which hold the caddy.
  • It’s adjustable to accommodate different sized bathtubs.
  • It comes with dividers that you can move to make it fit for whatever you want to store in each compartment.

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White

It comes with a greater facilities to simply place each end of the caddy on the ledge of your tub in whatever location is most convenient for you and your kids. It has been built with movable divider panels, thats why separation of different products is much easier. and this is one great best bath toy holder at an affordable price. Overall, its a great solution for storing and drying toys in the bathroom. We consider this as third best bathtub toy organizer.


  • Length is adjustable.
  • Can Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and so on.
  • Possible to clean using detergent.
  • Slotted sides to drain water.
  • The little rubber duckies are a fun touch too.
  • Keep bath essentials within reach and clutter at bay with this kidco bath toy organizer.
  • Comes with multiple drain holes so everything will dry quickly.

Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage

Boon Whale Pod Scoop Bath Toy, Drain and Storage, Blue

If you are looking for an engaging bath toy holder will encourage your kids to help you clean up the toys after their bath. This Scoop bath toy, Drain & storage is brought to you by Boon, one of the best manufacturer for kids and other items. This bath toy organizer whale makes after bath neat, clean up, easy and fun. It is 100% safe products (BpA/Phthalate/PVC-free). This bath toy organizers is perfect for your bath tubs. It is made of plastic and this bath toy storage has holes so that water can pass through it. This best bath toy holder’s features:

  • It easily mounts with adhesive strips.
  • It provides adequate drainage.
  • This bath toy organizer includes a Shelf storage for body wash, Soap Bar, shampoo and ToothBrush.
  • The materials is BPA, Phthalate and PVC Free.
  • Very attractive Design.
  • The scoop is removable which makes it easy to clean. & Quickly scoop up toys from the tub.
  • Top portion can be used to hold soap or even hang washcloths.

Comfylife Bathtub Toy Holder

(Editor’s Choice)

Comfylife Baby Bath Toy Organizer - Shark (2 Bath Toy Storage Nets, 8 Toy Numbers & 10 Strong Hooks) – Great Bath Net for Kids – Cute Bathtub Toy Organizer and Bath/Shower Caddy Storage Solution

This bath organizer is superb. This best bath toy holder is much stronger and sturdy and the suction cups are powerful and long lasting. The Comfylife Ultra comes with 2X net baskets and 10 Strong Hooks, which allows you to arrange your child’s floating knickknacks at both ends of the tub for easy access. Unlike others, this one comes with multi use bath organizer. We termed it as the best bath toy organizer available in Amazon at an affordable cost. This is another best bath toy organizer comes with toy numbers which makes them more happier during their bathtime. this best bath toy storage price point is reasonable too.


-Huge storage capacity due to its ultra strong nets
– It has a pouch & pockets for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other essentials
– Include 8 super strong suction cups
– Used Nylon Material

BABY LOOVI Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys:

BABY LOOVI Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys for Boys Girls - Bathtub Alphabet with Toy Organizer - Educational Floating Toys Early Learning Puzzles - Fun Letters Animals Colors - 52 Pcs - Wet & Stick - eBook

The most attractive thing of this toy is Non toxic foam for babies. This foam bath toys are absolutely compliance to to U.S./E.U. toy safety standards. It includes Alphabet too. which make sure your baby will get education as well as fun too. This bath toy also comes with free toy organizer. It is considered as the Best bath toy organizer. To offer fun and enjoyable bathtime for your kids this bath toy organizer in the tub will play the significant role and keep it all organized.


  • This foam bath animal & puzzles includes 26 letters and 52 pieces animals.
  • It is called one of the great educational tools for the kids to recognize the letters.
  • Non Toxic pieces are made with in compliance with US toy safety standards.
  • Bath-time can be super interesting & amazing to the kids.

Skip Hop Moby Scoop & Splash Bath Toy Storage

Skip Hop Moby Scoop & Splash Bath Toy Storage, Blue

Another great piece of item for Bath Toy storage brought to you by Skip Hop. Young kids will have no trouble rummaging through the Skip Hop Moby to seek out their favorite plaything. The suction cups work best when adhered to clean walls, so you may want to do some scrubbing before setting it up. This best bath toy holder which is clean, neutral, smart way to store bath toys is highly recommended if you are looking to make your kids bath time fun and frolic.


-Mesh bottom for water draining
– Perfect as a baby shower gift
– Easy Grab Handle for scooping up items
– Able to holds a large volume of toys

Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer

Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer, White

The bath toyganizer is a simple solution for getting bath toys off the floor. This one is 18 by 14 inches in size, the Toyganizer Hook can hold plenty of gears. Not only does its mesh netting allow air to circulate and prevent the buildup of excess moisture, it’s made with a polyester fabric that dries very quickly.

-This bath toy holder keep the Toys Dry
-Fits into a suitcase for travel
-Suction cups is strong and excellent

JojoKids Superior bath Toy Organizer

Bath Toy Organizer Set of 2 Holders+10 Foam Numbers+8 Suction&Sticker Hooks | Baby and Toddlers Bathtub Mesh Bag Premium Quality | Quick Dry Tub Holder for Mold Free Toys |Shower Caddy Storage Bin Set

Are you looking for a best bathtub toy organizer with suction cups and hooks? then check out this toy organizers reviews. This is a nice product to try to make your bath toys dry and organized. The premium quality of the Jojo Kids Superior remains secured to the wall of your tub or shower, making it a pretty low-maintenance option. In addition to toys, it can accommodate full-sized bottles of shampoo as well as big bars of soap or Body wash bottles.


-This bath toy holders Include 4 Suction Cups
– 100 percent secure for the kids
– Able to wash this toy with your washing machine without any extra effort and its Mold Free
– Comes with 4 strong hanging hooks

Tub Cubby Bath Toy Set

Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer + Ducky - Mold Resistant Mesh Net Bin - Baby Bathtub Game Holder with Suction & Sticker Hooks Toddler Play Bathroom Storage Tray Bag Shower Caddy - Kids CPSIA Safety Award

Just go for any one from two mounting options with the Tub Cubby Set, since it comes with suction cups as well as square adhesive hooks. Its storage capacity is substantial, and it includes a bonus rubber ducky. Like a toy hammock, the air circulates through the basket keeping your toddlers toys separate, clean as well as dry. With plenty of capacity to pack in all those bathtoys you need no longer be tripping over your little squirt’s toys. This bath toy storage make bath time more fun for kids.


  • It is 23 x 30 x 4 inches in sizes which is perfect as Bath Toy Organizer.
  • 36 soft foam alphabet letters.
  • Adhesive leaves no residue.
  • Several pockets for separating items.
  • BPA & phthalate free.

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Rack

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy with Removable Drying Rack Bin and Scoop for Bath Toys for Toddlers + Baby, Gray

This is quite unique is design and style. The Ubbi Rack actually a freestanding bin with large holes built into the bottom to prevent the accumulation of hold water. It has comes with a handle which make it easy to swiftly scoop up items floating in the bathtub. The strainer at the bottom makes it the best bath toy storage. However, this cute bath toys storage would be a best gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays or festivals. Heavy duty design features spacious sizing and is easy to move with its convenient cutout handles. This is a great best bath toy holder if you are looking for an affordable one to serve your purpose.


  • It’s easy to scoop them up in the bath, and the removable bottom for letting the toys drain is really amazing.
  • The shape is good and design is very intellectual too.
  • It comes with 2 Part.
  • Well-balanced and Perfect in size.
  • Base detaches for draining.
  • This one can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

SUNDOKI Bath Toy Organizer

SUNDOKI Bath Toy Organizer, Bath Toy Holder Storage Bags with 4 Suction Cup Hooks and 2 Bath Toy Nets for Kids, Toddlers and Adults (Orange)

An impressive and best bath toy organizer at $10 only which can have the capacity to holds a lot. The significant thing is, it comes with 2 nets in different sizes. and both are made with thick netting material. The strong suction cup work perfectly in the bathtub and they do off the bottom of the tub. which helps for them to dry out every night so the bath toys last a bit longer and you don’t need to stepping on them. Features of this best bath toy holder ;


  • The suction cup are super heavy duty
  • Super easy to stick to the wall.
  • It will Come with 4 hooks and 2 net bags.
  • Keeps the toys organized and lets them dry between baths.
  • Provides plenty of storage for toys and soaps.
  • Very durable & highly functional.

Few Additional Recommendation on storing bath toys

Foam Bath Toys

Foam Bath Toys 100% Non-Toxic Preschool Alphabet – Best Baby Bath Toys Toddlers Kids Girls Boys - Premium Educational Floating Bathtub Toys - Biggest Set Letters Animals (26 Puzzles - 52 Items)

Considered as one of the popular and useful foam bath toys alphabet for the kids. The great advantage of this set is all the toys alphabet floats on the water and those can stick to the wall. So, it brings fun for the kids during their bath time. This best bath toy organizer is really amazing one from all aspects. Best bath toy storage Pros & Cons

– 26 Bright animals along with 26 colorful letters.
– It’s so interesting for the kids so they usually enjoy bathing and learning with animals.
– The set is easy to use and easy to keep.
– The material is non-toxic, eco-friendly
– This Foam toys that can stick to textured tile.

Kids want to spend more time in Bathing thats the only disadvantage of this toys.

Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Drying Mesh

Munchkin Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey

This is definitely a must have Bath toy Holder. This absolutely wonderful thing able to hold tons of toys. The suction cup is incredible too. The suction cup has a button kind of function that pushes the cup out further and then allows you to push the air out and get the suction really tight. the mesh material of this toy storage is really great. The mesh bag doesn’t have any smell. This bath toy holder is a must have with an infant or toddler.


  • The mesh really is quick drying-the mesh is soft and allows for the toys to drain with no issues.
  • The suction power is pretty strong and glued to the wall without any issue.
  • Super strong and literally holds a ton of toys.
  • Very solidly built with good quality mesh.
  • Very sturdy and is easy to hang.
  • The basket can be easily removed and used as a scoop to get all the toys up quickly.
  • Looks super nice and keeps the toys all in one place.
  • with the purchase, Bathtub will not be a mess anymore.


The adhesive plate is comparatively weak.

Tub Bath Toy Organizer with 2 Side Pockets (Best Overall)

Rovvy Bottom Zippered Tub Bath Toy Organizer with 2 Side Pockets,Large Opening Bathtub Shower Toy Organizer with 6 Sticker Hooks for Holding Toys,Baby Diapers,Clothes

A great bath toy holder to organize your kids toys. The mesh of this piece is flexible and allows the toys to fit better. It can hold huge number of Toys inside. This toy holder is relatively very easy to install. It’s a handy and simple one since it has the zipper at the bottom. Overall it comes with a good quality material. Mesh bag bath toy storage for viewing the toys inside. This is well-priced and effective at being raised as a bath hang dry basket.


  • Very sturdy, holds alot of toys even heavy ones.
  • Material is high quality and zipper is friendly for the kids.
  • super easy to install.
  • This is the best bath toy storage for the bathroom with limited space.
  • Hook comes with great adhesive.
  • This is a great bath storage container for kid’s toys make sure no more ugly displays anymore.

Bath Toy Organizer by slonser (Recommended)

Bath Toy Organizer for Tub, Extra Durable, Washable and Quick Dry Bath Toy Storage Hanging, Mesh Bath Toy Holders for The Tub, Bathtub Toy Holder with 4 Suction Cup Hooks, Baby Bath Net for Tub Toys

This best bath toy holder is just what you needed to make bath-time clean up easy and fun. The suction cups of this bath toy holder are worth this price ($9) alone. Cause, it does stick on the walls of bathroom perfectly for longer period of time. This toys organizer can help the kids engaged and be in happy and fun mood during bath time. At an affordable price, We find it as another best bath toy storage available in amazon.


  • This is free of mold and stays put.
  • The hook hangs securely on the bathroom wall to drain and dry.
  • Beautiful netting and no mildew in it.
  • Holds quite a lot of toys and the smaller pockets on top are a great bonus.
  • This bath toy holders is machine washable.
  • This bath toy organizer comes with 4 strong suction cups.

OXO Tot Stand Up Bath Toy Storage (Highly Recommended)

OXO Tot Stand Up Bath Toy Bin

Perfect size, Cute & excellent quality. The plastic is thick & easy to clean, keeps your bath toys organized by scoop the toys in your bathtub after your babies play and drain it. As a whole it’s an incredible toy holder for the tub. Oxo Tot able to grab lots of bath toys so they stay dry. The basket is sturdy and comfortable to hold and its definitely an amazing bath toy. It’s a clean, neutral, smart bath toy container to store bath toys. This best bathtub toy organizer features;


  • Stylish and perfect organized one.
  • It’s easy to clean and fits all of your toys.
  • Comes with soft and smooth handles.
  • This Multipurpose bath Organizer are super easy to install in bathroom.
  • This durable stand up best bath toy organizer are complete Dishwasher safe. And the materials are PVC and adhesive-free, which keeps your baby safe.
  • This best bathtub toy organizer is so convenient to use.

BunMo Bath Toys with Suction

BunMo Bath Toys with Suction Bathtub Toy Organizer - 24pk Brilliant Stem Learning Educational Toys for 3 Year olds and Above

Bath time can be a calming time for kids, if BunMo Bath Toys are accompany to you. This bath toy holder offers fine motor practice and hand strengthening as well. by playing and spend time, your kids will work out and improve on their skills. These are great and unique bath toys. It’s so kids friendly and comes in such a durable bag. Comes with the two suction cup hooks to hold the bag with toy. The bag to hold the toys is sturdy enough and able to hold the toys properly. This is one of the best bath toy storage available in amazon.


  • These are a great, unique, and educational bath toys.
  • The suction is strong, they stick together on the tub perfectly.
  • This are brightly colored and come with an organizer, which helps keep them from overrunning your bathroom.
  • With this bath toys, you’re about to be the coolest parent around.
  • Wall hooks make another opportunity.

Mesh Shower Caddy Organizer (Also Great)

Kids Bath Toys Organizer Superior Quality Tub Toy Storage Mesh Shower Caddy Organizer Set with Anti-Slip Suction Cups Net Multiple-use Organization Bag for Bath Toys - Yellow Duck

This will made a complete difference in bath time. One of the best Baby Bath Net for Tub Toys. This is a great tool for gathering, draining, and air drying tub accessory for kids. This yellow duck bath toys storage net is another best bath toy storage available in amazon. This surely keep your bathroom organized and safe for your babies to play in. You’ll just love how this mesh bath toy storage keep your bathroom clutter-free.


  • The suction cups are large and it comes with 4 different Suction Cup Hooks.
  • The strength to hold a bunch of the toys. Moreover, It comes with Lots of storage space.
  • Heavy duty locking suction cups are very strong.
  • Durable and nice large sized mesh bag that can hold a lot of toys.
  • The mesh bag comes with lots of storage space for big toys and a bunch of toys your kids love.
  • This Great clutter organizer’s suction power is pretty good.
  • The smaller pockets at the top are an added benefits which can hold soap.

How to Pick best bath toy organizer

First of all, the top priority is fun factor and then of-course please consider if it has the ability to drain out the water after the toys are used during bath time. Once you have purchase an assortment of bath toys, make sure to pick up one bigger bath holders for storing all of the toys you might need in bath time. Dont forget to check the price which may go beyond your budget. Try to accommodate it within your budget. And try to pick up the holders that come with extra adhesive or try a freestanding organizer instead. Find the best best bath toy storage is challenging according to your needs but not impossible at all. best bath toy organizer

Why you might need a Bath Toy Storage and organizer

Bathroom with baby stuff and other necessary things would look awful. In that case, best bath toy organizer will keep your bathroom clutter-free and more organized than ever. when someone else needs a shower, but it still keeps the toys contained. This bath toy storage will magically declutter your bathroom. In some cases you might not bathe your kids without having to have bath toys. In that case, it can be you must go for a lots of amount of toys. In-fact, bath toys are most necessary items that should stay in the bathroom if you have kids in home. It helps not only for easy access of toys during bath time, but also because they need to dry out when bath time is over cause you don’t want water all over your bathroom after bath time completed. So, to keep those toys organize this bath toy organization is a must need things. A best bath toy organizer will not only help you to save your time from organizing the toys but also prevent the growth of the molds. For your kid shower best bath toy storage is a mandatory items.

Hope, our toy organizers reviews will help you to pick the perfect one that suits your needs and budgets. However, as little ones love playing with toys in the tub so this amazon bath toy holder will hold plenty of their favourite figurines, allowing them to dry hygienically and helps keep your bathroom tidy. And your kids bath time is needs to be fun, special, safe and secured. So, finding a fun way for them to help will make bath time a breeze. Here our editors scanned and bring out the best for you to recommend. These options are available for small spaces, kids with fewer bath time toys and a bath accessory to protect the adult’s elbows and knees while bathing the kids. So, choose the best bath toy organizer that fits your needs from the above list. and your kids bath time will be more fun than ever.

If you decide more than just your best bath toy storage situation needs a revamp, you may read our Toy Storage Boxes or Laundry Baskets Reviews for 2021.

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