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It's Time to save big on everything you need and love.

best battery organizer review

12 Best Battery Storage Organizer

The organizer is the perfect solution for consolidating the battery collection and giving them all one place to live. A battery organizer can become an essential item for you whether you are tired of keeping track of all the batteries of your electronic devices or you are in a profession requiring many use of electric devices. A sleek, organized and convenient batter case organizer can definitely solve your worries regarding and managing your battery pieces—both for replacement and inventory keeping. Moreover there is always the risk of batteries getting lost or you forgetting the last location you have kept them in, resulting in unnecessary hassle and delay in your life. To that end, this organized array of battery will make it easier for you to get access to your desired cell quickly and efficiently. Infact, A best battery organizer always Keeps your batteries stored in sealed container and away from any contamination. Below are some of the most effective battery storage case organizer available on Amazon.

Best Battery Storage Organizer reviews of 2021

DocSafe Battery Organizer Storage Box

Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage Box Fireproof Waterproof Explosionproof Safe Carrying Case Bag Hard Holder, Holds 200+ Batteries AA AAA C D 9V, with Battery Tester BT-168 (Not Includes Batteries)

This DocSafe fireproof battery organizer comes with high quality non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass which does not melted even at the temperature up to 2000℉. It’s a great organizer, and would go well in any emergency kit or power outage supply box. The case is enough sturdy, fireproof and water resistant with plenty of place for all your different sizes of batteries. It also comes with pockets to store the battery tester, which is included and your rechargeable battery charges and cords. Overall, its a great storage for lots of different sized batteries.


The actual cover and bottom of this storage are coated in a fire-resistant material.
It comes with pockets for charging cords, for rechargeable batteries.
Each battery has a foam slot to stay safe and securely holds.
It can fit a tons of batteries in inside.
Clean, durable, well built and perfect size.
Easy to carry from place to place.
Case is very tough and durable too.
The putter exterior is a thick rubber feel with dual zippers.

COMECASE Hard Battery Carrying Case Bag Holder

COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box, Carrying Case Bag Holder - Holds 148 Batteries AA AAA C D 9V - with Battery Tester BT-168 (Batteries are Not Included)

This is the battery organizer comes with plenty of space and pockets. This one is portable, zips up and even in transit the batteries stay organized. Each and every portion are the battery tester works great. The case itself has a somewhat firm yet soft shell. It is pretty sturdy and the zipper glides smoothly.


  • The case holds a lot of different size batteries.
  • The interior is roomy and enough spacious.
  • It comes with pockets for miscellaneous things you want to put in there.
  • The battery tester comes in handy and works perfectly.

GlossyEnd Battery Storage Box

GlossyEnd Set of 4 - Two C and Two D Battery Storage Box, Battery Storage Case, Battery Holder Clear (C - D)

One of the best battery storage case at an affordable price. The cases quality are excellent and are very useful to keep batteries protected. Very easy to pack for travel & trips and to keep them together and not rolling all over the place. The battery storage container is just the right size and it is an excellent way to corral all of those batteries that you buy in large number of quantity. These are functional and a great value for money($9.99). This battery organizer is great and properly moulded and shut tightly and accurately. Overall its a perfect little storage organizers with loads of storage space.


well designed and excellent quality.
Perfect in terms of sturdiness and durability.
Pretty much easier to get into to store and withdraw your batteries.
It can be fit neatly in the drawer and holds plenty of batteries.
The split design helps to keep charged cells on one side and discharged cells on the other.
The Case is durable enough and are slim and fully compact.

The Battery Organizer Storage Case with Hinged Clear Cover, Includes a Removable Battery Tester

This battery organizer is made from plastic material of high durability. It has a dimension measurement of 7W x 12L x 2.5H. For keeping your batteries neatly stored and conveniently organized, this is a fine choice. The light and compact nature of the organizer makes it very easy to store this organizer in drawer or closet. You can also keep it hanging on the wall. This comes with a removable premium battery tester that will come in handy to check the charge level of the batteries in use. You can organize up to 93 batteries of different sizes. It has space for batteries of 5 different style specs: 45 AA, 25AAA, 49 Volt, 8C, 6D and 5 flat batteries. The Battery Organizer Storage case is a perfect choice especially for busy home with many electronic devices such as video games controller, remote controller and toys. With this organizer at your possession you will need not to worry any more about losing batteries or misplacing them and certainly not when the device battery run out of power.

ENGPOW Battery Organizer,Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester (BT168),Waterproof Explosionproof Hard Holder Box with Cover,Holds 220+ AA AAA C D 9V Batteries

This organizer is made of silicone coated fiberglass. It also has excellent fireproof capability. This silicon coated fiberglass can tolerate up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in Extra safety from danger and damage caused by battery explosion and other events. It also has capacity for many types and sizes of batteries: 66*AA, 56*AAA, 10*C, 10*D, 12*9V, 15*AAAA, 48*Button type batteries (3V lithium – CR 2032, CR 2016, CR 1632, CR 2025, LR44. Duracell – 1616/ 2025/ 2032/ 2016). It can store up to. 220 batteries. It has got zippered pockets for easy Storage of battery testers. This ENGPOW organizer is also perfect for many other kind of batteries. To keep the batteries safe from shock, it has a double zipper and durable handle. The bag is designed in such a way that in the event the battle batteries become damaged leading to swelling leaking or even explosion, that will be contained within the bag and your family and you will be safe. It can be easily stored in the storage room, drawer. Or you can hang the battery organizer on the wall. Overall it can be an ideal choice to accompany in your travel and various outdoor activities. This can be a very nice gift to your family or your loved ones too. Since it does not include a battery tester, you should include one in your organizer. Also this fireproof battery case has been tested for SGS and met the highest requirement of testing. Overall, this is the best battery organizer available in amazon.

The Battery Storage Organizer Case and Battery Tester, Holds 110 Batteries Various Sizes for AAA, AA, 9V, C, D and Button Battery

One of the best battery organizer you can consider. This is a great choice for no battery organizer that will help you keep your drawer clean and your battery is properly organized. It has the capacity to contain more than a hundred and ten batteries of different sizes: AAA, AA, 9V, C and D. It also has a removable battery tester. It can hold batteries of different capacity and different types. On top of that the battery tester is compatible with many different types of batteries. The will help you understand how much capacity a battery is left with. It’ll give you time this signals when to replace your battery. This lightweight and portable organizer can be kept either in kitchen Royer office test garages or even harm on the wall. For your convenience, the battery tester is placed on the side of the organizer. The battery tester can be put either on desktop or on a mounted position. This organizer has 30 days money back and 12 months warranty. Overall Anlizn organizer offers smart versatility & best battery storage organizer indeed.

Panasonic BQ-CASE6SA Battery Storage Cases with 4AA or 5AAA Battery Capacity, 6 Pack

This is small and sleek battery organizer from Panasonic. This storage container is ideal for keeping AA, AAA batteries. It is a highly durable product from Panasonic. Its small size makes it easy for it to be stored in a briefcase or even be carried on the go. A dual thumb tab makes it easy to open the organizer whenever needed.  It can store up to 4AA or 5AAA eneloop battery cells. It comes in 6 small storage cases. Overall this container pieces from Panasonic designed by these by the expert team in Japan and can readily add to your style, convenience and efficiency.  You can also think gift this item to your near and dear ones.

Battery Organizer Storage Case with Hinged Clear Cover

This battery organizer case brings an amazing opportunity to store 80 pieces of batteries. This battery organizer case comes in a translucent and compact container. Therefore, you can also easily place this case inside a drawer or a tools chest. Moreover, this battery storage case helps to keep your desk space clutter-free by keeping batteries in this storage organizer. Furthermore, the hard shell frame makes the lifespan of this case more extendable. Infact, This is the best battery storage case designed to accommodate lots of batteries in different sizes.


  • This box is designed to be versatile.
  • Easy weight and perfect design for comfort.
  • Sturdy construction for enhanced weight capacity.
  • Having this device helps you minimize clutter in your drawer spaces.
  • Easily storable design for long-lasting comfort.
  • Able to hold 80 pcs of batteries.

Battery Organizer Storage Case by Range Kleen Holds 82 Batteries Various Sizes WKT4162 Removable Battery Tester

This battery organizer from Range Kleen.  It has spacious rooms for AA batteries and even more for a C, D and 9V sizes. It also has a nice watch battery organizer. The days of the old bulky battery organizers are gone. With this organizer from Range Kleen, you can store up to 82 batteries of different sizes (25 AAA, 39 AA, 4 9v, 8 C, and 6 D batteries). It has a mounting hardware that is so fitting that you can even hang it on the wall.  It also has a battery tester that has a trick up its sleeve; that is, it works without batteries. Most important, it makes it easy for you to sort, see and select your batteries and put where they need to be kept. The case dimension is 6 1/4 x 11 1/2 x 1 1/2″. Overall this compact design from Rage Kleen packs a lot of battery organization into a very convenient and efficient design.

Stalwart Battery Organizer with Removeable Volt Tester – 70 Piece Capacity Wall Mounted or Drawer Storage Case for Garage, Office, Home (75-ST6015)

This metal and plastic made battery organizer from Stalwart can store up to 70 batteries and has LED light testing unit to test battery charge level. This can be conveniently hung on the wall or can be kept in the drawer. Whenever you open the organizer it is easy to take a stock of your batteries. The battery tester is also removable. The lights on the battery tester shows the energy level of the batteries that are being tested. These organizers tray can hold many different sizes of batteries and different types from D-Cell, to 9-Volt, even button and coin style batteries. It has a measurement of 11. 75” L x 6. 25” W x 1. 5” H. You can keep it in your home office or even garage without much hassle since doesn’t take much space. It can hold many types of batteries including 8D cell battery. Overall this exclusive product from Stalwart can be a very effective addition to your day-to-day life and make your life easier. And you can safely keep the batteries in place and accessible for whenever you need it.

Battery Storage Box Organizer Pack of 2 Cases. Stores AAA, AA, C and D Size. Holds up to 34 Batteries per Pack. by Massca

You can use this organizer to keep your battery cells organized in proper places and properly accessible whenever you need it. It has a hinged box made of good quality plastic. It comes with a slim design and 18 compartments and a transparent lid. It is one fine quality organizer. On top of that. It has a comfortable wide textured handle that makes it easy for you to get a proper grip on it. The measurements of the case is 12.75″ x 10″ x 1.75″. This organizer has a removable divider so that you can separate full batteries from the empty ones. Especially becomes useful during your travelling and camping activities. The transparent lid makes it easy for you to track batteries that are inside and find the ones you need. Overall this organizer product from Massca can make your battery organization very efficient, convenient and accessible. This amazing battery organizer can hold upto 34 Batteries.

Battery Organizer, Batteries Storage Case with Tester, Containers Box Holder Bag fits for AA AAA AAAA 9V C D Lithium 3V(Not Includes Batteries)

This organizer from Paiyule can contain up to a hundred and forty batteries and comes with a BT 168 battery tester. The size dimensions are 33.5*23.5*7.5cm/13.1*9.2*3 inches. This organizer is made of high-quality EVA materials. It has a hard shell and is shock resistant. And obviously it comes with good durability and water resistant properties. The detachable foams inside makes it possible to fit different sized batteries comfortably. This ensures that the batteries are fixed in groove and there isn’t any friction between the batteries. It has a large capacity and can hold many types of batteries. For example: 8pcs AAAA, 8pcs D, 8pcs C, 48pcs AAA, 48pcs AA, 8pcs 9V, 12pcs Lithium 3V. The Smooth and The good quality 360 Degrees zipper makes it easy for you to open and close the organizer. And the top handle makes it convenient for you to carry it outside or on the road. The company also provides good after sales service and promises to make good amends to any complains that you might have. Overall, this can be a very fine choice as a battery organizer.

COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box, Carrying Case Bag Holder - Holds 148 Batteries AA AAA C D 9V - with Battery Tester BT-168 (Batteries are Not Included)

This organizer is one of the finest that is available in the market. It is a hard battery organizer storage box and can hold 140 battery cells. This case.  also include a battery tester BT 168. It is made of high-quality EVA material and is very lightweight and very durable. It also has waterproof qualities and shockproof properties. The inside is made of foam. So when you insert the batteries you need to take them out. The case dimensions are 9.6″ x W 13″ x D 3.15″. 9.6″ x W 13″ x D 3.15″. The battery case properly keeps the batteries in place within the foam’s pre-cut holes. This prevents mutual contact between the batteries. This is a great way to organize the batteries for greater accessibility and reduced danger It’s can contain many types of batteries such as 66*AA, 48*AAA, 8*C, 6*D, 8*9V, 12*Button type batteries (3v lithium). You can use the battery tester to test your battery charge levels. Overall, this is a fine quality battery organizer and can make your life very convenient.

Battery Organizer Holder- Batteries Storage Containers Box Case with Tester Checker BT-168

Battery Organizer Holder- Batteries Storage Containers Box Case with Tester Checker BT-168. Garage Organization Holds 225 Batteries AA AAA C D Cell 9V 3V Lithium LR44 CR2 CR1632 CR2032

This Battery organizer can hold almost 225 batteries and has a BT 168 battery tester. The external size of the organizer is 10.5*14*3 inches. The types of batteries the organizer can store are 12*D, 12*C, 6*CR2, 21*CR1632, 16*CR2032, 8*AAAA, 10*23A, 48*AA, 48*AAA, 20*LR44, 12*9V and more.  It has a battery tester. The inside has soft padding that protects the batteries from any sort of damage and the compactness of the insides. The soft pad also keeps the batteries nicely placed with each other. So the overall design is compatible with your need to recycle battery and access them whenever you need according to your needs. The case prevents any sort of corrosion or damage in the battery while in the case. It is a transparent plastic storage organizer.  So you can see inside without opening the case, and then select the battery you need. This is made of lightweight, transparent plastic that is more sturdy than acrylic. The handle is made for convenient hand grip and wall hanging. There is also a one-year warranty. Overall, this can be best battery storage case for your battery organizing needs.

The Battery Organizer Storage Case with Hinged Clear Cover

The Battery Organizer Storage Case with Hinged Clear Cover, Includes a Removable Battery Tester, Holds 93 Batteries Various Sizes

Considered one of the best Battery organizer. This great thing of this organizer is the Tester Portion. Cause, The tester itself can perform without the help of any batteries rather it works from the power of the battery of testing. It has capacity to holds 93 batteries in different types and sizes. Moreover, this battery organizer has a Swing drawer for 5 flat types batteries. The cover of this item is transparent so user able to watch and take a look at this whole battery collection at a glance.

EBL Batteries Box

EBL Black Batteries Box Include : Rechargeable 8 AA Batteries + 4 AAA Batteries + 40Min iQuick Battery Charger and 2Pcs C/D Converters with Battery Storage Organizer

EBL battery organizer storage box is an amazing things to keep your battery almost like intact and safe. It’s sturdy & keeps everything organized. This kit works out really well as they do charge quickly and give battery a prolonged life. It can fit a wide range of items. This plastic battery partition holder is durable as well as the outside casing. Great little battery kit perfect for keeping them in order best of all instead of a extra charger. This case able to hold a total of 88 batteries including the AA, AAA, C, D, and other size variations. Overall, its a very convenient and pretty good product.

As such, if you’re searching out an affordable priced and flexible battery tester, then these are truly the only to choose.

All of the product we’ve visible these days are exquisite of their personal way, however now we must determine which ones is the quality overall.

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