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15 Best Bread Box Reviews for 2023: Keep Baked Items Fresh and Delicious

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If you always wanted to taste and aroma of freshly baked bread and other bakery item? Then look no further. To store and keep fresh like new A bread box is the perfect one which can saves time and foods. The main function lies of a bread box is to keep fresh bread and other foods from outside dust, air, insects or any other dirty things as well as it also prevent them from drying up. Thats why to get fresh and soft bread you must need a quality bread box. Here, we have select the best bread box for keeping bread fresh and intact.
Check all the features, Pros & Cons along with price of Bread Box. Infact, This is very necessary things for a kitchen. so, check our review and recommendations. Our selection of Bread Box covers all the top-rated bread boxes made from different materials and different pricing so you can find the best one easily and effortlessly. To help you pick out the right one, we’ve rounded up the best storage for bread to buy right now from Amazon.

Best Bread box reviews :

best bread box to prevent mold

Two Layer Bamboo Bread Boxes by HOMEFAVOR

Bread Box, G.a HOMEFAVOR 2 Layer Bamboo Bread Boxes for Kitchen Food Storage, Large Capacity Bread Keeper Roll Top with Removable Layer, 15" x 9.8" x 14.2", 15 mm Thickness (Self-assembly)

The bamboo bread box is beautiful and amazing. The surface finish is unbelievably smooth and blimish free. It will come with screw driver and a extra parts to put together. If any family has a lot of bakery items always then its perfect for them. This 2 Layer bread box height is 14.2 inches, so perfect for keep tons of bread inside it. You may consider it as the best bread box for keeping bread fresh. bamboo bread box is environment friendly too. This is one of the best bread box for homemade bread which is earth friendly too.

  • This wooden bread box is just fabulous, sturdily crafted, comes with enough space and all over its very attractive.
  • Sliding door is absolute smooth for anyone.
  • Middle panel Layer is removable and place onto upper or lower shelf. which is definitely a plus
  • The shelf would helps neatly organize all the bakery items.
  • It would adds the beauty and the coziness of a kitchen.
  • To assemble it might be difficult. screwing in the screws by hand could take time.

Top Pick

Extra Large Metal Storage Bread Box

Aesthetic Farmhouse Bread Box For Kitchen Countertop - Extra Large Breadbox Holds 2+ Loaves Of Bread - Perfect Metal Storage Tin To Keep Your Bread, Bagels, Rolls And Buns Fresh For A Long Time

If you want to keep your bread stays its tastiest for long time and looking for a well designed metal bread storage then look no further. This is been a Great product at an affordable price. The looks & quality is amazing. It comes with plenty of room. The height gives it plenty of room inside box and the 6 inch depth makes it sleek and perfect. This large metal bread box is a perfect storage for all your bakery items. We find this metal bread box is one of the best bread box for homemade bread.

  • This Bread box looks amazing and it is allover great quality, functional, and very attractive.
  • The bottom of the box is smooth so no need to worried about it scratching your countertop.
  • Strong and sturdy with large capacity.
  • This GranRosi Bread Box is made of durable, rust free metal for long lasting.
  • The lid never suctions but fits over the top perfectly.
  • overall, It would be a great addition to your kitchen both design and practical wise.
  • Haven’t Find any disadvantages yet on our review process.

Large bread basket wooden box

Large Bread Box Bread Basket Wooden Box Storage Boxes Kitchen Counter Organizer Wooden Storage Box Bread Storage. Roll Top Breadbox. Bread Boxes for Kitchen Countertop. Bamboo Wooden Boxes (Natural)

If you are looking for a large breadbox to hide food from kittens or pets or keep secure from anything else then this wooden storage box is perfect one for your kitchen. This Vintage bread box style bread storage box is made with absolute bamboo wood which is natural and contains no contamination. This one is considered as one of the best bread box for homemade bread.

  • It will come assembled and ready to use.
  • The roll top door of the box slides very smoothly.
  • This reasonably priced breadbox is very attractive and the material is used here is premium quality.
  • From outside, This box is sturdy and strong enough and will last a long time with good care.
  • 6 Inch inside space is not big enough for 2/3 loaf of bread.

Buddeez Bread Storage Keeper

Buddeez Bread Container - Plastic Storage Keeper, Loaf, Aqua Lid

The Bread Buddy container is a plastic keeper for a standard size loaf of bread. This BPA free and food safe plastic Bread Box able to contains and protects all your baked goods and other foods perfectly. This Buddeez Bread Container is reasonably attractive & its craftsmanship is incredible. This will ensure your baked goods will stay fresh for longer period of time with these stylish and practical container designs.

  • One of the durable bread box container with a locking lid which keeps the bread absolute fresh.
  • The Box also allows the loaf to stand on end which saves on shelf space overally.
  • The lid closes tightly and keep the item fresh for longer period of time.
  • Size: 13.5 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches.
  • The container is large but not the right size for the maximum loaf of bread.

Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen by Home-it

Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box for kitchen, bread bin, bread storage Bread holder 16.5x10x8

If you are looking for the best storage for bread along with elegant looks with unique design then this Homeit Stainless Steel Bread Box is here for you. It is designed to keeps all the baked goods fresh and tasty. For its enormous size you can place multiple items of bread in this breadbox. and This could readily hold few loaves and some other baking foods. You can store bread, pastries, fruit cake and more in this bread box.

  • From outside, The box is bright silver and very nicely styled with an easy open mechanism.
  • It comes with a nice sleek design.
  • The inside size is large enough and can comfortably hold a large loaf of bread.
  • This sleek, elegant looking, nice bread box is durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to open and close – The Box is smooth open and close on the lid.
  • It does not clean easy like other stainless products. Sometimes Finger print remains on the lid.
  • It may keep fresh for limited period of time but not for so longest time.

Space Saving Vertical Bread Box

Cooler Kitchen Extra Large Space Saving Vertical Bread Box with Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid - Holds 2 Loaves - Cream Extra Large Farmhouse Breadbox Bread Holder

If you are looking for best bread box for homemade bread which will beautify your kitchen and will serve your purpose for longer period of time as well as space saving then this bread holder by Cooler Kitchen is the perfect solution for you. This Space saving bread box with cutting board lid is superb to store bakery item. The pretty cooler kitchen box size is bigger than most typical bread box, which is perfect in size but it is not too big To take too much counter space.

  • This has enough space inside to hold a loaf of bread, open packs of chips, cookies and more.
  • The impressive box keeps bread amazingly fresh. A week in and breads are remain almost as fresh as new.
  • The cutting board lid fits fine and allows air flow so the bread will not go mouldy at all.
  • It takes up less counter space, as it can stand on end without the top falling off.
  • This fantastic bread box looks lovely and is very deep and it will add beauty to any kitchen undoubtedly.
  • This cute box keeps all bakery item organized & in one place.
  • The lid is so warped that it can’t close every time. It curves so that there is a big gap on each side. Though it’s not a big issue but still few may not like this.

Bread Box for Kitchen by Homefavor

Bread Box for Kitchen, GA Homefavor Bread Bin, Bread Holder with Bamboo Lid, 11.56"6.7"5.5", Grey

Another great option for best bread box for homemade bread. This beautiful bread bin is Sturdy and just the perfect in size. It comes with enough room to hold few loaf of bread. This Homefavor breadbox will protect your bread and keep the bread fresher than in the pantry. Homefavor bread box is made of high quality powder-coated steel that is durable and makes beautiful. You can consider this as a gift and perfect presents for who loves baking. Its specialized lid keeps bread ready to eat by enabling optimal airflow.

  • This bread box is definitely sturdy and cute and durable.
  • The Homefavor bread box has two solid handles which made for carrying.
  • The bread stays fresh inside the bread box for several days, soft crumb, crisp crust and perfect.
  • It looks unique compared to the traditional types & looks great on the countertop too.
  • The bread box’s flat top design also can be use as an additional storage.
  • The Built quality is not as great as other competitors bread box.

Countertop Space-Saving Metal Bread Box

Metal Bread Box - Countertop Space-Saving, Extra Large, High Capacity Bread Storage Bin for your Kitchen - Holds 2+ Loaves - White with Bold BREAD Lettering

This is really an exceptional breadbox which comes at an affordable price. Very neat and stylish bread storage containers indeed. This is absolutely perfect for a family as it can holds larger amount of bakery. This is a fantastic bread box with great size and very spacious inside. It is very large and well-made. Super easy to assemble and came with screwdriver to use. It also includes side carrying handles which makes easy to move and carry.

  • The built quality is impressive. Glossy beautiful finishing.
  • It can stores quite a lot of bread. Its just the perfect size for a Family.
  • Very cute one and keeps the breads fresh a long time.
  • It comes with side carrying Handles which are metal and very nice.

    Natural Bamboo Roll Bread Box

    Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box Kitchen Food Storage - Assembly Required

    This Natural Bamboo Bread Box is spacious enough to hold few loaves of bread, or a variety of chips, cookies, tea bag or other snacks very easily. It comes with high quality materials and offers amazing workmanship. The bamboo door closes to form a tight seal which does not allow moisture to damage the breads in this best bread box for homemade bread. This bamboo bread box much like roll-top bins. So, it need very small front space when in use.

    • The box itself is quite sturdy and looks lovely. It would add beauty to your kitchen or dining.
    • Made with Eco Friendly and Food Grade bamboo material.
    • Easy to Clean with cleaning cloth to scrub away.
    • Sometimes its difficult to assemble.

    Bodum Bistro Bread Box

    Bodum Bistro Bread Box, White

    If you are looking for a bread box with cutting board and comes at a great style then this bread storage containers is perfect for you. This Bistro box is cool. It is well constructed and sturdy. Great style, keeps bakery item perfect, clever lid that doubles as a cutting board. however, the lid fits perfectly. And overall price is reasonable enough. This thing is worth the price. It was such a incredible piece of thing and functions well. Available in 2 colors. White one is 28 Dollar & Black one is 30 Dollar.

    • Made of Eco Friendly bamboo and BPA free plastic.
    • It includes vents on the side, Which helps to reduce moisture in the bread box.
    • Fabulous look with modern and stylish design.
    • Enough Roomy to hold 2 Loafs of breads and other bakery item at a time.

      CALMIL 3 Tier Bread Box

      CAL-MIL 3815-87 3 Tier Bread Box, Cinderwood, 6.5" x 13"

      If you are looking for a bread box with a see-through material so you can always keep an eye on the contents, then this model is right one for you. This Cinderwood bread box comes with an oak frame and crystal clear acrylic body. This Box has 3 compartments with metal handles which are great for store and displaying. This decorative bread box features 3 pull-out drawers with attractive metal handles for easy access.

      • Oak Wood Frame.
      • 3 Easy Pull-Out Drawers.
      • Size of the Box: 6.5Wx13Dx20.25H

        Thermoplastic Resin Bread Box

        Alessi | Gnam - Design Bread Bin, Thermoplastic Resin, White

        Fabulous, sleek design bread box, add additional beauty to any contemporary kitchen. This Alessi bread box is perfect in size and sturdy and able to hold lots of Cookies, Breads and bakery items. This stylish Bread Box stored Loaf of Bread for longer period of time without any compromise to the Quality and Freshness. An amazing products for extending the life of the bread & other baked goods.

        • This thermoplastic resin bread box is amazingly designed, sturdily crafted, roomy, and very attractive one which has plenty of space for different types of foods.
        • It had no issue with the assembly or installation. Just unbox and start using.
        • Great functionality and have no issue with any features.
        • Comes with both its transparent and opaque versions.
        • Little bit high priced. In fact, expensive for this sort of product.

        Farmhouse Star Bread Box

        Farmhouse Star Bread Box, White

        If you want a simple wooden bread box that can also save you a little bit of space, then this wooden bread box is obviously a natural choice. Its a large breadbox with large capacity. This Farmhouse Star bread box able to holds all of your bread, bagels, buns & other bakery items. Actually, a perfect one for store the bread and related food item.

        • This traditional Bread Box includes a galvanized metal panel on the front with a punched star and circle pattern design.
        • Product size is 18.12 x 11.82 x 6.5 inches.
        • This is an Wooden bread box along with Galvanized metal panel. And a single shelf in the middle which divides into two parts.
        • Cool Bread box but pricey.

        Honey Can Do Bamboo Bread Box

        Honey-Can-Do KCH-01081 Bamboo Bread Box, Bamboo

        Another great option in bamboo bread box. This is a great little breadbox at an affordable price made with Bamboo. It has a classic rolltop design that is easy to open. It includes a knife holder drawer on bottom. This beautifully crafted eco-friendly bread box is perfect for all types of baking items. You may consider this best bread box for keeping bread fresh. This bamboo bread box is highly durable which is made of pure solid bamboo.

        • It’s easy to assemble like other Wooden Bread box.
        • Looks sturdy and the box is environment friendly.
        • Storage capacity is quite enough to hold bakery item & few breads without squishing the bread.
        • It also comes with handy slot for your favorite bread knife.
        • Overall Its a breadbox which is sturdy and elegant bamboo construction.
        • Build quality is little bit compromising.

        WESCO Bread Bin

        WESCO Breadboy Bread Bin, Grey, One Size

        It’s a wonderful breadbox. This Breadboy comprises two half shells, hinged so that the upper one swings right batch for easy access. Another best bread box for keeping bread fresh you may consider. To keep your bread fresh for longer period of time this bread box is highly recommended.

        • Made with High quality powder-coated sheetsteel. and Handle and base made of chromed steel wire.
        • Have lots of color option.
        • Seems Little bit expensive.

        Oggi Stainless Steel Bread Box

        Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid

        Oggi Bread Box can hold A lot of bread & bakery items fits perfect with no smashing. It comes with Stainless Steel Roll Top & lid made with premium quality tempered glass. In summation, The Bread box would be a stunning addition to your kitchen. Overall, its an incredible bread box that is large enough to fit all of your needs. Our editors consider this model as the best storage for bread though price is little bit high.

        • It has 3 types of Roll top. One will comes with frosted Lid($35), another is stainless Lid( $27) and the 3rd one is Tempered Glass Lid ($44).
        • The impressive bread box has a nice design and enough space inside it.
        • This has plenty of room for one large loaf of bread plus extra space for a bag of cookies or burger buns.
        • There are no issues with the construction of this bread box and perform everything very well.
        • This is not the perfect one, if you wish to store the bread for very long. In long period, the freshness of the loaf of bread might get compromised.

        Enameled Metal Distressed Bread Box with Lid

        Creative Co-op Enameled Metal Distressed Bread Box with Lid, White

        If you are looking for the best storage for bread which needs to be large and can contain few bread at a time as well as very easy to clean, then look no further. It is a well constructed and sturdy bread box. The lid fits perfectly onto the box. This convenient lid allows items to be stored out of dust and other things. Perfect for storing all of your bakery items – bread, buns, muffins, tortillas & Others. You may consider it as the best bread box for homemade bread.

        • Easily fits 4 loaves of bread inside the box.
        • This is sleek and looks beautiful on the counter top.
        • Its a perfect neutral style to go with most of the kitchen decors.
        • The box comes with a convenient lid to keep items stored out of sight.
        • This cute and functional bread box is little pricey, the price is a little much in compare with other brand.

        Progressive Expandable Bread Keeper

        Prep Solutions by Progressive Expandable Bread Keeper with Adjustable Air Vent

        The best choice of function you may get at the cheapest price(only $21). The bread stayed fresh and soft–even the end piece inside it. Amazing bread keeper is sturdy, looks great and add beauty to the kitchen, so simple in design and built really well. Nice plastic, easy to use and well-packed for shipping. It is made of polyethylene,polystyrene & TPE and it’s dishwasher safe. Another best bread box for homemade bread.

        • The AirVent thingy works perfectly.
        • It adjusts for size. As the loaf gets smaller so does the bread box.
        • The bread box is easy to clean.

          Editor’s Choice

          Brabantia Steel Bread Box

          Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box - Brilliant Steel with Black Sides,

          This bread box cabinet comes with an elegant looks and attractive design. The Brabantia breadbox is a sleek and highly functional designed metal bread box that can keep your bread and other baked goods fresh and delicious for a very longer period of time. The stainless steel will be shiny for longer period of time. it is so sleek and chic with the mirrored finish. The Brabantia breadbox comes in a range of colors like brilliant steel, black, matt steel fingerprint-proof, platinum, and white. This best storage for bread is suitable to store at least two loaves.


          • It keeps everything so soft, fresh, and tasty for a long time.
          • Designed with a stunning steel finish.
          • This box is absolutely easy to clean and washing.
          • Useful, beautiful and indestructible bread box by Brabantia.
          • Very good value for money.
          • It is covered by a 10-year warranty by manufacturer.

          Best Overall

          AVV Farmhouse Bread Box

          AVV Farmhouse Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop Metal White Loaf of Bread Storage Container Large Vintage Bin Retro Rustic Counter Breadbox

          If you love the sleek look kitchenware, the top-notch quality AVV Farmhouse Bread Box is perfect for you. The elegant bread bin is made out of durable metal with rust proof coating, attractive perfect fitting wooden lid and features a highly polished shine that will brighten up your kitchen. It has room for up to two big loaves or few hotdog buns, muffins, pancake and cookies, allowing you to store enough of your favorite bakery item. This is one of the great under cabinet bread box for your kitchen.


          -Keeps bread soft and fresh for longer time.
          – The box has a sturdy metal construction.
          – Stylish and functional.
          – Easy to clean.
          – The lid is flat so it can be used to keep items onto it.
          – Exactly what anyone wants. Sturdy, simple design, air tight.

          Bread boxes are an essential part of the kitchen. So, get a well-made bread box is the best decision you can make. From the contemporary Glass bread box to traditional wooden bread box and sleek enamel versions, bread boxes provide stor-age for loaves, bagels, biscuits and buns. So, to keep all your bakery item fresh this bread box is a must need item for kitchen. These box creates the perfect humid environment to keep bread at its peak for few days. Our recommendations and in depth review would help you to choose the best storage for bread for your kitchen.

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