Best Locker Shelves Reviews

12 Best Locker Shelves Reviews of 2023

Locker shelves are one of the best ways to customize and decorate locker as well as make it tidy and keep all the things organized. Gone are the days when people used to keep their belongings like books, files, documents at the heavy wooden or steeled lockers that need to be set at the corner of a room. They were costly, weighty, space grabber and no exceptions even for today. Hundreds of hundred locker shelves are seen every shopping mall organize part by part with different design and colors and people who think to have them try to get one or two for home, offices, shopping center, academic institutions or even for groceries. But the age of transformation as ‘digital age’ has made life easier and boosts lifestyle, no doubt. So for keeping your books, files, goggles, earphones, mobile phones or other necessary stuffs, you need to have simple but modern designed best locker shelf.

You may not want congested products for yourself. From home knick knacks to official stuffs, shelves are often needed things. When you purchase all those things, you definitely look into the best ones and affordable prices. And your choices living in modern age are not backdated and so you opt to have beautiful things amid simplicity. Moreover, you should not compromise as a crafty customer in any other products you will choose. A number of options for shelf placement give the LockerShelf added versatility; Here you meet 12 best stylish and versatile locker shelves that you might think to have them before. best locker shelves:

Finding the best locker shelf for your home can be a tough. So, to help you pick out the right one, we’ve rounded up the 12 best locker shelves to buy right now from amazon. all lockers reviews:

Top Pick

Locker Shelf with Adjustable Width & Height

Tools for School Locker Shelf with Adjustable Width 8" - 12 1/2" and Height 9 3/4" - 14". Stackable and Heavy Duty. Ideal for School, Work and Gym Lockers (Black)

If you are deciding which shelf to get, look no further. This locker shelf fits into almost any locker to keep you organized. With adjustable width and height, this customizable shelf can also be stacked to create multiple shelves. It has come in 3 amazing colors. Black, Magenta and Blue. It holds up to 50 lbs more weight than you assume it can. It’s a tough and strong little shelf. Its perfect for any locker regardless of size. It is one of the best school locker shelves comes at a reasonable price. This best locker shelf offer you a good organizing facility and let you show your personalization.


  • The adjustable shelf is stable and works perfectly.
  • It is easy to assemble this locker and don’t even need the instructions.
  • There is room on each side for the lockers hanging hooks.
  • Durable construction holds your belongings, strongly and securely.

Editor’s Choice

An organized locker by U Brands

U Brands Locker Organizer and Decorating Kit, Back to School Essentials, Blush, 11-Piece, Includes Mirror, Shelf, Magnets, and Other Accessories

If you are looking to buy something which would be perfect for locker organization then just add this to your cart and get it delivered at your place. One of the most perfect and durable as well as the most cute locker organizer. This amazing items will give you the head start you need to liberate yourself from clutter and provide you an organized place forever. This well designed shelf keeps things off the bottom of the locker and the whiteboard is helpful for writing to to list or anything you want.


-It comes with a magnets, mirror and whiteboard.
– The pretty pink color is astonishingly eye catching.
– The metal foldable shelf is stable enough.
– Pen holder, small stationery holder is an added benefit.

Collapsible Locker Shelf        

Honey-Can-Do Collapsible Locker Shelf, Black, 10 lbs

You might have known about collapsible gate that you often see in your apartment, institutions or anywhere else. But you will not be surprised if collapsible gates come to you as a collapsible shelf because shelves are not definitely gates alike. Yet you like this best locker shelves designed with collapsible style.

If you are choosy and black is your favorite color, you must go for a collapsible locker shelf. Your office room, classroom, living room or even kitchen can get an extra vibe with this one because you can get spaces, you can keep it wherever you want to and willingly you can set them to your other lockers or built in space too. Its simplicity is its best perfect match to you. The design, new modification and stylish focus of this shelf makes your eyes stick to it. No tension of the price because the price is more reasonable than others. Overall, it would be a best locker shelf within your budget.


  • Add instant locker space
  • free-standing
  • load multiple shelves together for greater storage
  • affordable price
  • low weight

Also Great

Adjustable Locker Shelf

Tools for School Locker Shelf with Adjustable Width 8" - 12 1/2" and Height 9 3/4" - 14". Stackable and Heavy Duty. Ideal for School, Work and Gym Lockers (Blue)

Looking for the best school locker shelves at a reasonable price point? This is perfect one for school or gym or so on. You don’t definitely deny this item, if you are the owner of a school or a gym owner or a desk job holder because this one is a must for you. Just imagine, you live in an apartment which is small since you love small spaces but must be quiet and calm. So you definitely want something that is portable, easy going and set the necessary stuffs anywhere you want and so you need your locker shelves to be adjustable, matched colors or used for multipurpose. Now, here is the one that is highly matched for you, adjustable locker shelf.  metal lockers reviews

Assembled in less than 2 minutes without using any tools, it can adjust to meet the need of your locker. With width from 8″ to 12 1/2″, and height from 9 3/4″ to 14″, you can find the depth is 9 1/2″. Besides, its strong side magnets provide you with extra support while connecting to the inside wall of a metal locker and legs of top shelf can be inserted into top of bottom shelf.


  • multipurpose usage
  • adjustable height and width
  • multiple units
  • different colors like black, blue and magenta
  • L x W x H as 9.5 x 8 x 9.75 inches

Tall Wire Locker

Lockermate 7 Piece Locker Kit (Color May Vary)

You are a teacher or a principal of a school or college or you are providing private tuition to students at home and therefore this locker kit is of course for you. You must have markers, board eraser, wooden or stainless scale, pens or files and other knick knacks since you are related to education. Even you don’t need to be a teacher for this pretty kit because you can grab this one if you are a businessman, corporate, bankers or journalists.

And of course, unnecessary stuffs you just avoid because you are artistic in your lifestyle.  Since a smart buyer or a customer, you check for colors, so no worries you will get different colors too other than black with lower prices. Its magnetic storage cup and dry erase board will compel to buy one.


  • L x W x H as 14.8 x 10.3 x 2.2 inches
  • extra tall wire stack-a-shelf
  • dry erase marker
  • magnetic storage cup and mirror
  • 2 magnets

Drawer Locker Shelf

Tools for School Locker Drawer and Height Adjustable Shelf. Includes 2 Removable Drawer Dividers. Heavy Duty. Fits 12 Inch Wide Locker (Black, Single Drawer)

If you are a housewife, corporate or a working mother, forget all other previous locker stuffs you used and take this new one. The superb design and its height will stun you for sure. This kit is not only for women but also perfect for students, teachers, businessman, and company owner. Your offices or your rooms of home can get extra modification that beautifies your favorite rooms.

Designed for use in a standard 12″ wide locker and overall size 11.75″ W x 10.25″ L x 12.25″-17.25″ H, this locker brings you space for Store pens, pencils, markers and much more in the spacious 10″ deep drawer including 2 removable drawer dividers allowing for easy organization and storage of items. The item is adjustable between 12.25″ and 17.25″ and you can change the height of the locker shelf to suit your needs.


  • wide locker
  • spacious
  • drawer dividers
  • adjustable height
  • three different colors

Double Locker Shelf

It's Academic Adjustable Double Locker Shelf, Colors May Vary (5001)

What though if you get a locker shelf that looks like a mini table? Or just imagine, you are going to possess a shelf you only watched at movie scenes or different luxurious hotels. Come to reality, you need not go into imagination. This double locker shelf brought to you with different colors and fantastic features. You can use it for your academic purpose and for this it is not necessary to be a student. You may use it various purposes too.

This adjustable double locker shelf is easy to install and can be fit anywhere. Your favorite story books, academic books, copies, pencils can be kept there. You will get a small drawer under the first chamber to keep your necessary things safely. Since it is portable, you can take this kit wherever you want. The legs can be dismantled for its easy movement. And the best thing is you will get this at cheaper price.


  • easy installation 
  • portable
  • dismantling parts
  • net roofs
  • fits most lockers
  • adjustable shelves

Magnetic Basket Locker 

Magnetic Basket Set of 2 by GoSupplyWise - Mesh Organizer and Holder on White Board for Dry Erase Markers or in Locker - Magnet Shelves for Refrigerator - Pen Holder or Desk Storage for Office - Black

Even though you want to avoid some redundant items, you really cannot do because you know some unimportant stuffs you may need near future. You cannot avoid those things like old markers, uncapped pens, used erasers, documents box, old small cartons, or even children’s toys because they may not have the necessity for temporarily, you know you must need them today or tomorrow. Yes, this magnetic basket locker is only for you.

This multipurpose baskets or bins for use on whiteboard at school on fridge at home or on metal desk and cabinet at office are sized (important!) – 6.30″x3.54″x2.28″ (lxhxw). The storage option improves space efficiency reducing clutter; stress; and is easy to attach and detach; no more lost pens or pencils scattered around as well. You can keep your eyeglasses, sunglasses, keys or face mask in convenient spot; attach to washer dryer door to hold fabric softener or small plastic bags.


  • magnetic holder set
  • 2 holders in storage options
  • stress free
  • wire mesh to make durable  
  • low price
  • fit for refrigerators, steel cupboard also

Hanging Locker

3 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer for School, Gym, Work, Storage - Upgraded | Abra Company | Eco-Friendly Fabric Healthy for Children | Adjustable School Locker Shelf from 3 to 2 Shelves (Black/Red)

Being a modern person, you don’t have much time to decorate your home with heavy metal materials since they need to be cleaned and consume more space that is hateful matter to you. And if you are a job holder, you are definitely in hurry always but your sweet home cannot go disorganized. You must have many trivia things, of course important, you can’t deny. Moreover, you totally dislike plastic formed stuffs or magnetic lockers and therefore you cannot help going for hanging lockers. This big and best school locker shelves are really big enough to handle extra large folders, binders and books.

Though old fashioned stuff is hanging locker, you might like this as traditional figure. For storing various items like textbooks, binders and small accessories or for gym accessories like work lockers or closet storage, this item is non toxic, smell free, included healthy fabric, not coated with PVC and safe for children use. No more heavy books fall from back since pockets on every side allow to choose the right or left placement in the locker as new solution, its removable shelf inserts to allow hand-washing of the organizer. This can bear a 45lbs heavy load and this item can convert to 2-shelf organizer to fit half-size lockers (2 clips included) is sized: 38” x 6.5” x 9” and you will be glad when you learn that it can be hanged inside the locker from hooks, a shelf, or a rod and slim profile leaves room for a backpack and clothes.


  • eco-friendly.
  • secure band at the back
  • durable quality
  • adjustable to fit
  • Precision-cut groove makes shelves easy to install and provides strength and stability.

Best school locker shelves

Deluxe Locker

StorageMax Deluxe Locker Shelf, Locker Organizer with 3 Adjustable Shelves for Work and School Lockers, Black

You may be tired to see the common locker shelves and feel bored to have them all together. Hence you need more perfection among them and so many things to be kept and you must choose one that can read your mentality. If you are a grad student living in a hostel or a banker with so many files, documents or even you are marketing job holders and you have many more stuffs for your work, you have to collect this item immediately. As you are the perfect person, you need not but should check a deluxe locker shelf.

You can call this duty work locker storage system and it can bear with a weight capacity of 50 lbs per shelf if installed inside the locker. Its width is adjustable between 8.75″ and 12.5″. The depth of unit is 9.25″ including overall height 24″. The side magnets affix to the inside wall of a metal locker to provide additional strength and support. Height with 3 shelves is adjustable in 3″ increments.


  • storage system with weight capacity
  • side magnets
  • 3 shelves
  • easy fit
  • plastic material
  • lower prices
  • lifetime warranty 

Wide Locker Shelf

Lockershelf Company-12" Locker Shelf-The Ultimate Solution in Locker Shelving, Super Strong, 100 lbs. per Shelf.

You may be tired to see the common locker shelves and feel bored to have them all together. Hence you need more perfection among them and so many things to be kept and you must choose one that can read your mentality. If you are a student living in a hostel or a banker with so many files, documents or even you are marketing job holders and you have many more stuffs for your work, you have to collect this item immediately. As you are the perfect person, you need not but should check this strong locker shelf.

This super strong locker is designed to provide “built-in” fit for exceptional strength and durability. You can call this wide locker and it can bear with a weight capacity of 100 lbs per shelf fitting all 12″ Lockers like “built-in” shelves-Kids love them-Also available in 9 and 15″. The 12” locker is the superb ultimate locker solution shelving and would be the right choice of you.


  •  storage system with weight capacity
  • 12” locker
  • 9” and 15” are available
  • parts removal system
  • easy installation
  • lower prices

LockerMate Adjustable Shelf Locker

LockerMate Adjust-A-Shelf Locker Shelf, Easy to Use, Extends to Fit Your Locker, Black

An unique and amazing storage item to keep locker organized and easily accessible. Its Academic brought this locker to make a easy solution which is made using plastic. One of the important thing of this locker is, this doesn’t budge or loose once its being tightened on your locker item. This is pretty sturdy and able to hold enough amount of weight. Its actually the perfect choice for your locker at work or school or Home for more space.


-Very much customizable according to the needs.
– Can placed at any height of the locker.
– Possible to remove without any hassle at any time.
– Colorful and beautiful look.

madesmart Stacking Shelf

madesmart Small Stacking Shelf, White

This one is one of the best locker shelf. If you are looking for add a small area on the kitchen counter this is the perfect one indeed. Infact, It helps you to maximize any of your unused vertical shelf space utilizing that place. These shelves look great and the built quality is amazing. The little rubber dots keep the little bottles from sliding around, and with thin legs, it’s very easy to use in a cramped cupboard. You can stack two large shelf together which will make great storage indeed.

  • It is easy to assemble the Cabinet Shelf and makes tidying up so easy.
  • Beautiful, Nicely designed and sturdy.
  • This one is Great to making the most out of any closet, shelf or under sink.
  • This is the best locker shelf solutions at the reasonable price($12).
  • The adjustable locker shelf can holds up to 25 lbs weight.
  • This legs are removable too.
  • The material is very durable & BPA free.
  • This little shelf fits literally everywhere and doubles the shelf space.

    LockerMate Adjustable Blue Locker Shelf

    LockerMate Adjust-A-Shelf Locker Shelf, Easy to Use, Extends to Fit Your Locker, Blue

    The locker shelves are actually one of the necessary items. There is not a single individual who doesn’t need to have at least one locker shelf. This is not only the symptom of home decor but a simple necessity also. A shelf can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, be suspended from a ceiling, be a part of a free-standing frame unit, or it can be part of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet, bookcase, entertainment center, some headboards and so forth. In a day to day life, every single family or every office, academic institution, shopping center etc. cannot avoid locker shelves as little parts of important accessories. This is one of the best rated locker shelves available in amazon.


    • Sturdy wire construction.
    • Fits very snugly between the walls of my locker.
    • Powder coat finishing.
    • This is easily adjustable by the twist screw beneath the shelf.
    • Attractive color.
    • This locker shelf can be fit both new and older styles of Lyon lockers.

    U Brands Locker Organizer Shelf

    U Brands Plastic Locker Organizer Shelf, Back to School Essentials, Fits 10" to 13.75" Wide Lockers, Grey

    The best locker brought to your by US based Company U Brands is very sturdy, multipurpose shelf to organize your locker at gym, school, or even in office. It comes with optional height. With 1 set of legs it’s about 6 feet high. and 2 sets of legs, it’s 10.5 feet high. When fully extended it would remain stronger and no issues at all. This best locker shelves will optimize storage capacity by utilising an otherwise unused area. best locker shelves features:


    -Putting it together is so easy. As well as its easy to install in the locker.
    – This product is proudly designed and manufactured in California, USA.
    – Comes with stylish design with attractive color.
    – The shelf is much sturdier even after expanding it.

    Best Overall

    Magicfly Locker Shelf

    Magicfly Locker Shelf Organizer Kit, Adjustable Height and Width, Stackable Locker Tools Accessories with Pencil Holder, Mirror & Magnets for School, Work, Gym or Personal Locker, Black

    If you are looking for a more versatile solution, consider Magicfly locker shelf without any second thought. The stackable design combined with a rectangular size construction offers a solid foundation to store all of your belongings at very comfortable way. Made of heavy-duty metal, this model comes with 7 pcs magnetic shelf set. It is considerably the best locker shelves at the price. metal lockers reviews


    -The added support of magnets on the sides makes it very sturdy.
    – The mirror, magnets and pen organizer are great addition this locker.
    – Its adjustable to fit the size of most of the locker.
    – Very easy to assemble it.
    – Compartments are adjustable.

    Why it is important to have a locker organizer?

    Locker shelf solutions would help you on different issues. Its like blessings for you to stay ahead from others. The best locker shelves would help you stay organized and tidy. However, lockers reviews must gives you a clear idea why you need locker organizer.

    Best locker shelf will enable you to:

    Store of personal items.
    Helps in item organization.
    Saves Time & energy.
    Interior décor.
    Create safety for your items.

    In the age of digital technology, you must find an easy solution in your busy life. best locker shelf will help you stay organized. There are so many different lockers you will find everywhere anytime but you may not find the supportive, innovative and stylistic products all time. As a crafty and stylish person, you must go for easy products that can provide you easy solution. Of course, you will check the price of your expected stuff before having one but the necessity is your first priority before checking the price. Purchase the best locker shelf is not the easiest task. Thats why we listed out the above best locker organizer reviews so that you can pick the locker shelf organizer as per your expectations. Get the best locker organizer and secured your valuables properly and our lockers reviews hopefully, help you to pick the best locker organizer. Best wishes with your best locker shelf.

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